My Arts Award Challenge

As part of my Silver Arts Award which I am taking, I have to set myself a challenge which I must follow.

I’ve decided to do what many early producers do and that is to make a debut EP of at least 3 tracks. The EP will be multi-genre although mainly dubstep-based with some drum & bass and possibly some glitch hop.

I have decided to name the debut EP: ‘Bass Matters’, as my style focuses on heavy, growly basslines, although I still want to maintain the wobbly feel of classic dubstep.

I have already made one track which I would like to use for the EP, called The Curve. Check it out:

This EP will define my style of sound, which has been heavily inspired by many famous artists in the business today. I have come up with ideas using:

  • The growls of Excision
  • The scream of Skrillex
  • The thumping subs of Caspa
  • The wobbles of Rusko
  • The tunes and soundscapes of Benga
  • The power of Flux Pavillion
  • … and the craziness of both Datsik and Doctor P

Here’s just about one of the most heart-pounding dubstep tunes out here:

I would like my style to be similar to this, but more varied with glitchy, wobbly and percussive elements, exploring the different elements of dubstep. I would like my style to be one that people will definitely throw their hands to.

I do hope that you enjoy the EP. I’m still working on it but it should be a blow-up.


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