BPM 2012 Review

Yesterday, I visited the BPM DJ exhibition at the N.E.C. In Birmingham.

When I walked up to the hall, I could immediately hear loads of noise, which was a good sign of activity.

When I got in, I was surprised that there was such a huge number of exhibits. I was eager to try out as much equipment as possible. There were stands from all of the leading brands such as Pioneer, Numark, Denon and Native Instruments, all showing off their latest and greatest gear. There was an endless array of controllers, decks, mixers, PA systems and lighting gear. There were also many smaller exhibits from various suppliers and academies selling their services.

However, first I attended a seminar (there were many going on throughout the day focusing on certain skills such as how to effectively DJ at parties and weddings, video mixing and bass production) on how to effectively use synths in music production; I felt that it really gave me some tips for using when I produce my own tracks. It covered topics such as how to use oscillators and filters effectively, and what sort of sounds to use for different scenarios.

I also saw a performance from the DJ duo ‘The Squatters’ in the arena in the centre of the hall, who were playing some thumping electro house, techno and dubstep. I was also surprised to see Jonathan, the famous ‘DJ Tutor’ on YouTube came on at the end to hold a competition for winning a DJ console.

The Squatters in the arena

Above: The Squatters live in the arena

Then, I went to another seminar, where The Squatters and another duo called ‘Sick Elektrik’ listened to and commented on ¬†tracks made by members of the audience, including my remix of Skrillex and Damian Marley’s ‘Make It Bun Dem’. Please check it out here if you haven’t already:

They liked the nasty bass and chopped-up samples, and said that the kick drum should be more bassy and that I should make the structure more predictable next time so that people can anticipate the parts; they said that to do that I could use more build-ups such as using more white noise.

Despite that, they thought that my style was different and something that they’d never heard before, which is something I was pleased with hearing.

I was quite happy with the feedback that they gave me.

Overall, if you’re a sort of person who likes experiencing different types of DJ equipment and learning valuable skills for DJing and production, the BPM Show is certainly worth visiting.


South West Four 2012 (Sunday 26th August) Review

Diplo on the main stage

Skrillex on the main stage

So, back in August I went to this year’s South West Four festival on the Sunday, seeing some awesome DJs and other acts, including Skrillex, Skream & Benga, Diplo and DJ Fresh. Here’s the link to the PDF (I will write in directly next time):

South West Four 2012 Report and Review (for Sunday)